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Comprehensive Exams

The American Optometric Association recommends getting an eye exam at least once a year for adults over the age of 18. A comprehensive eye exam generally takes 30-45 minutes and can not only provide you with an updated prescription but can also screen for common diseases of the eye. During your visit you will be able to have your eyes imaged with the newest technology to aid the doctor in screening for disease. Click here to see more.

A comprehensive eye exam typically does not include a contact lens fitting. Let our staff know if you are interested in contact lenses as well.

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Comp Exam
Pediatric Eye Health

Pediatric Eye Health


Ensure that your child has all the tools to succeed - a great place to start is their vision! The eye develops rapidly starting at birth and goes through many changes during the early school years. The American Optometric Association recommends children have their first eye exam between the ages of 6 months to 1 year of age. Dr. Toso participates in the InfantSEE® public health program, managed by Optometry Cares® -The AOA Foundation. This program allows doctors to provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6 and 12 months of age free of charge regardless of family income or access to insurance coverage. 

Routine eye exams are a crucial part of your child’s well being and readiness for learning. Many parents do not know that school screenings are not the same as eye exams. Even with 20/20 vision, your child can still have problems that only an eye doctor can detect.

Support your child's highest potential -  schedule their appointment today. 

Eye Diseases

Eye Disease

There are a variety of ocular diseases that can develop overtime and steal your sight - however, evidence of early disease often presents without any symptoms seen by you! This is why regularly scheduled eye exams are important to catch eye diseases early. At Toso Family Eye Care, Dr. Toso uses new technology and comprehensive clinical tools to screen for and monitor diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. 


Click here to learn more about our new technology and how it is used to diagnose and monitor diseases like diabetic retinopathy.


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Dry Eye Treatment

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Do you ever feel like your eyes are scratchy or always red? Do your eyes water or burn? You may be suffering from ocular surface disease.


Dry Eye Disease - more recently termed Ocular Surface Disease - is estimated to effect 60% of individuals over the age of 40 and is oftentimes related to problems with our eyelids rather than the production of natural tears.


Dr. Toso studied closely with specialists in the dry eye field and has experience treating surface disease including in-office procedures and therapies for better comfort and improved quality of vision. 

Take a look at our dry eye questionnaire and the links below for more information. 

Call our office to be scheduled into our ocular disease clinic!

Dry Eye Treatment

Emergency Care

Every minute counts in an eye emergency. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact us for help

  • Sudden loss of vision

  • Severe eye pain

  • Flashes of light

  • Floaters

  • Curtain or veil-like visual obstruction

  • Red, painful eye 

We are here to help! Call our office at 620-342-6282 if you have any concerns with your eye comfort or vision.

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Emergency Eye Exams
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